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Become a non-smoker

without thinking about it

You don't have to quit right away.

No withdrawal symptoms.

Personalized and easy to follow.

Meet iQuit. The smart device to hack your addiction.

Transforming the way people quit smoking, avoid relapse, and build healthy lifestyle habits.


All the tools you need for a smoke-free life in one place.

A smoke cessation program that addresses all aspects of nicotine addiction at the convenience of your fingertips.


Become a beta-tester and start

hacking your addiction.

You don't have to quit smoking. You get to.

It’s an approach that works for all people who smoke — even those who say they aren’t ready to quit. Don't try to quit, just switch and follow the journey to a smoke-free life.

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Get to know your habits and understand how to be in control again.

We approach quitting smoking as a set of skills, rather than a single act. Our personal coach helps you develop those skills in the way that makes the most sense for you.

Transform your life and exploit your full potential.

Relapse prevention is essential to enhance the quality of your daily life. Succeed in the long-term and exploit your full potential.

Healthy Blog

Ever tried to quit? You feel frustrated and helpless because you tried one of these smoke cessation methods. 


No wonder you are here. Conventional methods either treat physical or behavioral addiction but not both. 


Stop beating up yourself. Without the right tools you never had a fair chance. You have what it takes to conquer your addiction.

Start hacking your addiction

and exploit your full potential

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